It Has Been A While…

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It has been a while and many of us have been hard at work in our own ways. I personally, have moved and been dealing with some issues. The result? I’m writing my religion down for people to read. It’s all in my head and I know what I want to cover, it is just a matter of writing it out for others to understand.  As I get bits and pieces, I’ll upload them for you all to read. There have been many term changes, word uses, and such as things have come to light in my practices that have swayed my thinking, my wording, and my approach to the spirits of the world.  Stay close for updates.


-Spiritually Yours-


A Note on Meditation

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Hello everyone, I’m Maelyn. Anaya has invited me as an occasional guest writer. Since meditation is one of the most basic metaphysical practices I thought I’d make a quick post about it.

Meditation is something that is used by different cultures all over the world and not always for the same goals, there are many different forms and meditative practices, but in my perspective, the goal of meditation is to center oneself. When we meditate we take our bodies into a deep state of relaxation and clear our minds of worry, stress, anger etc… When we achieve this state of relaxation our bodies become more open to the nonlinear (spirit) realm, after meditation I find that communications come to me more easily. Meditation can also give you a chance to realign your chi, or chakra if that’s your thing(here’s a link with an explanation of chakra if you are unfamiliar with the term ) There are hundreds of different meditation techniques, the trick is finding some that work for you, which may take a bit of research.

Two of my favorite techniques are..

  • to lay flat on my back and clear my mind, with my arms comfortable rested across my stomach then I start focusing on my breathing by inhaling for 2 counts, exhaling for 3, inhaling for 4, exhaling for 5, and so on until I reach twelve, then go back down, the twelve count should be on an inhale, so then you’d exhale for 11 counts, inhale for 10, exhale for 9 until I get back down to 2, repeating as needed until I’m relaxed.
  • The other is a little harder because it involves keeping your mind totally blank of all the thoughts that are normally bouncing around in our heads. The easiest way to do this at first is to think of a mental image, and put your entire focus on that image. I always liked to envision the flame of a candle in darkness, imagining how the flame dances and flickers, taking deep slow breathes the whole time. Another variation of this, if your familiar with energy working would be to focus on your energy and those around you rather than a mental image.

Spiritually yours,

A Thought…

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Sister wrote the following for me, explaining how meditation feels to her. I found it very interesting and got her permission to share it all with you.  I’ll add comments to the end.

A person can go into many different phases of thought. Some pointless, others circular, the rest confusing prior to pointless or circular. As I sat in Waffle House, I was infused with a state of peace. That peace seemed to have no focal point to manifest. The more I spent time thinking about it the more I came to realize why it affected me so. It was purely the ability for me to be a rock in the river of life (if only briefly), unmoving and unnoticed (save by the wonderful waitresses to refill my coffee). I moved locations to sit outside of Sonic just before the rain started to come down. Sounds of rain and music along with the early morning traffic in the small town. That sense of peace came over me again. I have to say that this is one of the most relaxing state of mind I’ve been in in quite a some time.

So I suggest when your life begins to grow chaotic and the stresses of everyday life begins to get to you, take a break. Go buy a cup of coffee or something like that and sit in a place like Waffle House or outdoors and just observe. Watch the flow of life around you. Don’t think, don’t worry. Just watch. Just listen. Enjoy the simplicity of nothing.

-Simplicity’s Idiocy-

There you go. I wanted to know if anyone has ever done this and had the same feelings or have anything that just happened by pure chance to fill them with zen; peace; understanding. Leave a comment about it if you don’t mind.

Methods – Self Purification & Meditation

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As I had stated, we follow Aionzoi, a religion we made ourselves. We, the followers, are called Aionpistos. Brother taught someone a method he uses for self purification. I found it rather interesting and I asked him to post it here for anyone who is reading.  So here are his words exactly.

Supplies: Focus

Directions: Feel the core of your powers and your soul. Reach for the center of that core and begin to pull energy like a string and envision rolling it into a ball like yarn. Slowly build that ball up and when you feel like it reaches from one side of your torso to the other (like, from your tummy to your back) then ’1nflate’ it. Only you can open the door to get inside of this bubble. Step in and feel the safety around you. Once you force yourself into this inflating bubble of safety, push it outwards until it is as far as your aura reaches. Stay in that bubble, and meditate. Work through meditation to settle your aura, your energy, and your soul and repair it. Once you are done, you can burst this protective bubble and continue as you were or hold on to it for a bit longer. That is your call.

Note: This is a pure energy shield and is hard as hell to break. Anything that could be ‘hooked’ on you or bothering you will have to release you or be in great pain.

(And back to Annie ya’ll go!)

To follow that up, I figure I will add my method for meditation as it can kind of tie into the above.

Supplies: Focus, some calm music is optional

Directions: Sit or lay in the most comfortable position for you. Once you are in this position, imagine you are seeing through your forehead. Don’t laugh. Just think that you have an eye, between your two mortal eyes, that sits in the center of your forehead. See through this ‘third eye’ as many meditation books I have glanced at call it. Think of it as the way to take in the energy around you. Your mind may empty of thoughts or flood with thoughts. Keep searching for this third eye until you feel it is right. From there, imagine that energy going through your ‘third eye’ and down to your throat. when you feel that warmth and flow of energy and you know that it is making it through just find, move it down to your heart. Feel that strength, love, and safety fill your torso before it moves down to your belly. Feel calmness, peace, and certainty as it fills you. Once you feel all that peace, move it a little further down to the root of your spirit, your aura, and your soul. Feel it fill your entire being with this protection and warmth. Feel it fill you with all the energies of the higher plane. From there, you should feel something pull from above you. Flow that energy to the pull while keeping it in your body. And once you feel that your whole being and that spot above you is filled with the energy of the higher plane, you should be in a complete meditative state. When you are ready to leave this meditative state, simply slowly lower this energy back out of your third eye, in reverse.

Note: There is no wrong way to meditate, there are just better ways. For a comfortable position, I prefer to be sitting up and left leg folded in and right leg slightly bent, my elbows upon my knees and my fingers perfectly lined up with one another and flat against each other. After I am sitting like that, I normally will move my head slowly either nodding or shaking my head depending on my intent.  As I move the energy through my chakra points, I normally start to feel a buzzing in my system. I feel braver, stronger, smarter, wiser. I feel more in-tuned with everything. You can hold on to that sense of protection and peace as you leave a meditative state.

I cannot be held responsible for any repercussions of your actions. You act on your own. Thank you for reading this short blog…Blessed Be.

Spiritually Yours – Anaya

A Start

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There are others with me who follow different religions but still believe as I do. Some from the Wicca religion, another from Christianity. I am willing to teach those who want to learn without infringing on their religious view. Though when I warn you of something, please heed it and do not test the limits. Sometimes it is out of paranoia, other times its for your own safety. Best to just be cautious.

A lot of people ask me how did I learn about projection of the astral variety. I normally shrug and explain to them that I just meditated and it came to me–my own little ritual. My ritual for visiting people in their dreams is as follows:

Supplies: tea candle, candle holder, salt, plate, picture, paper, and a pen

Directions: take the paper and pen first, and write out the full name of the person you are trying to visit. A photograph works too. Place this under the plate and as close to the center as you an get. Use the salt to make a ring around the outer edge of the plate (on the plate to make clean up easy) and place the candle holder in the center. Place the tea candle in the candle holder and light it just before bed. For direct results, have the person you are trying to visit do the same save with your name/picture. Then, sleep. You have to believe it in order for it to work.

Note: Some people will remember everything that happened like a movie, others will awake with the knowledge that they did it. Still, others aren’t capable of it. I, myself, have a hard time succeeding in this travel without another person partaking.

Another thing I am often asked is ‘Anaya, now do you remove a presence from something, like a house or a room or even a haunted toy?’ For this, I normally turn to Brother, for he is much better at cleansing than I am. His cleansing ritual is as follows (from the man himself):

Supplies: Religious item/an item that you have faith in, focus, belief, salt (optional)

Directions (Room): If the item is a necklace, wrap it around your hand so the trinket is on the back of your hand, if it is a ring, wear it, if it is a statue or a stuffed animal or whatever, hold it in your hand with the front facing outward. Walk the room from the back to the front (assuming it has one door, if two, then improvise with the door with weakest feeling of impurity) and feel the purest energy you can muster from yourself build into the item. As you get to the door, you should begin to feel/sense resistance in front of you. This is the negative energy fighting to stay in the room. You are then to push the energy out of the item and towards them. If you wish, you can say lines that invoke empowerment (“You are not welcome!” “I banish thee, as I say, so Mote it be!”). Once you push it out of the room, you simply use pure energy to walk around the room (the best you can) and mentally or audibly state a ward (‘Nothing that means me harm may enter this room!’).

Directions (Item): Place the impure object in a circle of salt or walk around the object with pure energy in your Power Item. Make sure you visualizes the circle as your safety net, your protection to keep it from leaving to another item. Then sit/kneel/stand before the object and will that circle to slowly close on the item. Believe that with every inch that circle closes, the impurity is being force out, or destroyed. once that circle is a dot, the impurity cannot move. You have it trapped. Use the Power Item to push against the beam and say/think some empowerment phrases (“Be gone!”). When you feel it is gone, you may circle the now pure item 7 times, thinking/stating a ward on the item (“let only good house in this object”)

Note: The Pure Energy you are calling on should feel warm, caring, safe, and calming. If it doesn’t, then it’s not pure. The ward will weaken over time, so you might want to refresh it every few weeks or months depending on how strong that impurity is/was. If the impurity feels extremely strong, you may want more people and a professional with you because like all things, there is a rate of failure.

(And back to Annie we go)

If you would be so kind, if you partake in any activities like this, please share with me your methods. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge. Questions/Comments are welcome.  But remember, you act upon your own will, and I cannot be held responsible for repercussions.

-Spiritually Yours-